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Having your vending machine or other equipment adorned with beautiful Champagne PVDF aluminum sandwich panel overlays guarantees more sales as great looking products sell better. Other than rubber keypads, overlays are also integrated with the front panel as membrane switches and touch screens.

Usually, an overlay panel has cutouts and texts designate where a switch or connector on the front panel. Through tactile coating you can use the embossed part as a keypad to activate the switches under the front panel. Coatings can also have transparent, translucent and color transparent glass used as Champagne PVDF aluminum sandwich panel protection for LCD screens, LED signal lights, and alpha numeric displays respectively.

A cover panel may be made from different materials, but the most preferred are polyester and which are resistant to most environments. Such coatings may also come adhesive promoters used to laminate graphics on the front panel.

One can always find a firm coating table also manufactures rubber keypads and therefore have the production was from one location -a characteristic most people and Champagne PVDF aluminum sandwich panel companies prefer as it saves time and money and there is no better follow-up work.

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